About us

Over the years of our operation, the main principles have remained quality and competitive prices. ELPLAST was founded in 1983, and since then, we have been engaged in the production of plastic products. We offer products under our own brand as well as a wide range of OEM products. Our components have been used in the production of capacitors and other electronic elements. We have also manufactured various household appliances. In the early 90s, we started producing bathroom fans, which gradually became the main product of our company. Today, we are one of the leading manufacturers of bathroom fans for many renowned companies. Currently, we focus on collaborating with other companies, for whom we design and manufacture custom products. We design products, create prototypes, and then produce the tools to start production. An essential part of our business is manufacturing in our modern production facility equipped with innovative machinery and experienced staff. We undertake the production and assembly of various products. We are a trustworthy partner who enjoys taking on new challenges, and customer satisfaction is our top priority.